Many people damage their alloy wheels, from either hitting kerbs, potholes, or stone chips.  We understand that every alloy is different, some are powder-coated and some are diamond cut. Kerb Wheels cater for all types of alloys if you're unsure on what type of alloys you havem feel free to send us a message on our contact us page, to get an instant quote. 

Kerb Wheels does a FULL refurbishment on all alloy wheels, we do not do "smart repairs" or touch-ups, with us, you will be leaving our workshop the same way you left the dealership, with brand new wheels that have just been refurbished. All our prices are the prices you pay, we have NO HIDDEN COSTS when it comes to alloy repairs. We find it important to make sure the customer is exactly aware of the price before we pick up your wheels, or before you drop the car down to our unit. 

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