Getting your wheels refurbished can be hassle and time consuming, that's why Kerb Wheels has made is super easy to get your alloys repaired. We understand finding the cheapest priced powder coating refurbishment company is just as important as the quality, well.. the good thing is you've just found it with Kerb Wheels, kent's leading alloy wheel repair specialists.

Just because our prices are cheaper than other refurbishment companies, doesn't mean it's a lower quality job. Our alloy wheel powder coating refurbishment service is simply unbeatable for the price, quality and the finish on all alloy wheels. Kerb Wheels is transparent with the cost for alloy wheel refurbishment, we have NO HIDDEN COSTS, no extra costs for putting on/removing tires, and all the little frustrating things other alloy repair companies will charge you for. 

We are experts when it comes to alloy wheel powder coating, you can colour match any alloy you've seen before, or match the exact colour to get that factory standard alloy wheel repair everyone is looking for. 

Powder Coat alloy repair.jpeg

We have a brand new, fully equipped unit, packed with the best wheel refurbishment equipment to repair alloy wheels. Since we are a static unit, we are able to have better equipment than mobile wheel refurbishment units can have. Click HERE to see why Kerb Wheels, wouldn't recommend a "smart alloy repair service" to get your wheels powder coated/refurbished. 

To make things easier, we can come to your house and collect the wheels, as we know it's not always ideal having to come to us! 

Give us a call today to get a quote, on how much it will cost to get your alloy wheels powder coated. 


  • Kerb Wheels come and collect your alloys, and take them back to our workshop. 

  • Once back at our workshop, your alloy wheels are stripped back to a factory setting, removing all existing paintwork, so it's back to its bare metal ready for the refurbishment process. Stripping back the alloys with a chemical dip, and then shot blasting the alloy wheels to make sure we have a smooth, blemish-free service for us to work on.  

  • Powder Coating is also a service that is complex, we wish it was just spraying on and leaving to dry. All alloys that are being powder coated needs to be pre-heated in out wheel oven, until the correct temperature. The wheels are then moved along to where we powder coat, a special room which is airtight and filtered. This is an IMPORTANT factor for when it comes to wheel refurbishments and the reason why we would not recommend a smart repair or mobile alloy repair service. As our room is airtight and filtered, no dust, or microparticles can get onto the wheels, so it keeps it as new as it would come out of the dealership. 

  • Since the alloys are so hot, the powder coat sticks to the wheels, and starts to melt, and flow smoothly, to finish the wheels off they are put back into the oven, which cures the alloy wheels. The wheels are then brought back out to get a quick layer of lacquer to protect the alloys. Powder coating is the strongest form of "paint" and protects your alloys from minor stone chips, and is proven to be a lot harder and tougher than regular wet paint.  

Common Questions About Powder Coating

Can I Choose My Own Colour?

Yes! The amazing thing with powder coating alloy wheels, is that you can choose a colour that you'd like, we can colour match any colour, from any wheel on a factory car, or modifed car. Although the most popular powder coated colours are Gloss Black, Matt Black, Silver, Grey and hyper silver.

How Long Does It Take?

The time to refurbish and repair your alloy wheels, depends on the damage, and how busy we are on that that. We try our best to scheudle the alloys in to make sure everyone gets the best turn around time possible. Typically we ask for 3 working days, but usually we manage to get your wheels back closer to 1/2 working days. If your alloys require more work, like a buckle, or wheel straightening, we will inform you about this before we start the work.

I Found A Cheaper Price

It's important to remember, if it's a cheaper price, then theirs a reason behind it. Most wheel refurbishment companies, especially mobile wheel repair units, only do a "smart repair", they tape up your tires, and refurbish just the face of the alloy... it's also very unlikley they are using powder coat, since they are mobile and do not have the equiptment. It's also important to remember where they spraying your wheels, in the back of a van... let's just say, the wheels will not be to a factory, professional standard.

Is It The Same Price For Just 1 Scatch?

Unfortunately Yes, simply because we refurbish the full wheel, from start to finish the process is flawless, each customor will end up with a almost new alloy wheel.