Our alloy wheel diamond cutting refurbishment service is second to none, with a brand new lathe, we produce one of the highest diamond cut refurbishment services in Kent. Many people don't know the difference between Powder Coating and Diamond Cutting, that's why Kerb Wheels has made is easy, and simple to understand the difference between them. 

To diamond cut a wheel, we must first strip the wheel back to the factory metal, by dipping them inside our strong acid tanks. We use safe acid, which is odourless and does not harm you if touched, which alternatively is better and safer for your wheels. Once stripped we powder coat the full wheel, inside and out. Many companies only do the face of the wheel, which is not a full wheel refurbishment. 

Once the wheel is powder-coated and dried, it's time to diamond cut! Check out our photos below of BEFORE and AFTER the diamond cutting process. ALL wheels must be powder coated before we diamond-cut them unless the wheel is 100% diamond cut, of which some are. 



We have a brand new, fully equipped unit, packed with the best wheel refurbishment equipment to repair alloy wheels, especially diamond cut alloys. 

Diamond cut alloys are more technical than normal wheel refurbishments since we have complete the full repair, and powder coat service, and then complete the diamond cut. 

More and more cars now come factory fitted with diamond-cut alloy wheels, they are the new "fashionable" wheels to have on your car. Call us today to get a quote on your wheels to be refurbished. 


  • Kerb Wheels come and collect your alloys, and take them back to our workshop.  (UNLESS you want to drive to us)

  • Once back at our workshop, your alloy wheels are stripped back to a factory setting, removing all existing paintwork, so it's back to its bare metal ready for the refurbishment process. Stripping back the alloys with a chemical dip, and then shot blasting the alloy wheels to make sure we have a smooth, blemish-free service for us to work on.  

  • The next step is to powder coat the FULL wheel, inside and out. We don't just repair/powder coat the face of the wheel, every wheel is fully refurbished to a factory finish.

  • Once the powder coating step has been completed and dried, we then put the wheel inside our diamond cutting lathe, not every refurbishment company has a professional, complex lathe-like ours. 

  • The lathe skims back the face of the wheel, creating a lovely metal shine finish, which is also known as Diamond Cut. 

  • The last and final step is to lacquer the whole wheel, to protect the wheel from light stone chips, water damage, and to create a coating for the wheel to be protected at all times. 

Frequently asked questions

Why Diamond Cut?

Dimond Cutting alloy wheels is the new "trend" for cars in 2020, these type of wheels have been around for years, but is getting more and more popular on new cars. Not all wheels can be diamond cut, it has to have a flat face for our machines to cut them.

Which Finish Should I Choose?

It's up to you! We can create any finish you need, if your wheels are diamond cut, and you're wanting a change, we can change them to a gloss black for example. Diamond cut wheels are harder to maintain, and can show scratches more easily.

How Do You Diamond Cut My Wheels?

Diamond cut wheels are a little more complex compared to a straight silver, or black wheel, this is how we refurbish diamond cut wheels.

  1. Remove all tyres
  2. Give them a quick clean to remove dirt/grease
  3. Place them in our 16 wheel SAFE acid tank
  4. Leave them for 8-12 hours to strip back to the factory metal
  5. Shotblast them with sand to get a nice finish on the metal
  6. Powdercoat them the colour of your choice
  7. We then diamond cut them on our brand new lauve
  8. Apply a fresh layer of lacquer over all wheels to have a showroom finish

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