More and more cars are having diamond cut alloys as standard, some people love them and some people hate them. Diamond-Cut alloys require a special lathe to complete the full refurbishment properly,  this can not be operated from a mobile refurbishment company. Diamond-Cut alloys can scuff, mark and corrode easily, that's why some of our customers as for their diamond-cut wheels to be sprayed a certain color, instead of having the shiny, metal finish. The reason behind this is because all it takes is a small stone chip to remove a fraction of the lacquer, and then wet weather will slowly corrode the alloy wheel. We use a strong bonding compound to make sure the lacquer is as strong as possible, to prevent your diamond cut alloys from corroding. 

The process of refurbishing diamond-cut alloys is more complex than regular alloy wheel refurbishments. We first strip the alloy down to remove any excess dirt, paint, and leftovers. We then go ahead and wet coat or powder coat the alloys the colour was chosen by the customer, for this example, we are going to use a gloss black finish. Once the paint has dried, we then take the alloy and use it on a brand new, top of the range lathe, which is operated robotically with the newest system in place. 

Our lathe is not the same as other wheel refurbishment companies. This is one of the best lathes around for diamond cut alloy wheel refurbishments! Kerbed wheels provide its customers with quality and service. We've taken away the 3-5 working day wait times and replaced it with a next day service, which is hard to find within the wheel refurbishment industry. 

Our Diamond Cutting Lathe has a probe, that probes the alloy to measure where it needs to cut, this is done with pinpoint precision, using the handheld remote. The probe slightly touches every inch, around the whole alloy. It's onboard computer maps out where the machine needs to cut. 


If you're wondering what we use to get that shiny metal finish.. here it is! We use real diamonds to cut all our diamond-cut alloy wheels, to make sure it's at the highest standard possible when it comes to refurbishments. Many alloy wheel refurbishment companies use metal wire or bristles to get the "diamond cut" look. This is NOT how diamond cutting should be done. We get asked, "Can any wheel be diamond cutted?" almost every single day. For the best finish possible, we advise that ONLY ORIGINAL diamond cut alloys should be diamond cutted. Diamond-Cut alloys last just as long as original powder coated/wet coated wheels. 

If you come to us for a diamond-cut wheel refurbishment, we take a close look at the alloy each time, to monitor how many times the alloy has been previously cut. We recommend diamond cut alloys ONLY get refurbished 2-3 times at MAX. It's important to remember this is an alloy refurbishment service, you're not getting a new set of alloys. 

Contact us for more information about diamond cut alloy wheel repair in kent. Or check out our video below to see more about how we diamond cut your alloy wheels.


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